Intelligent Automation + Consultative Partner = Win

Hear OneDataSource customers discuss how they use intelligent automation while leaning on OneDataSource as a consultative partner to effectively scale their businesses.

“With OneDataSource, the product is great. What is even better is OneDataSource is immediate and very receptive to feedback for how to grow.

Joey Anderson Owner/Operator

WenGap, LLC


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Intelligent Automation and Consultative Partner Video Transcript

Joey Anderson, Owner/Operator at WenGap, LLC: Our partnership with OneDataSource has helped WenGap because they are constantly seeking feedback, and accepting it, and growing their business with our needs which has been very helpful.

James Bodenstedt, President & CEO at MUY! Companies: Well, I’ve always appreciated the way that OneDataSource listened to us and tried to meet our needs or exceed our needs with the different products that they have – amending things based on our requests or requirements. The things we can do now with OneDataSource that we probably couldn’t have done 15 years ago, or maybe even with other companies that provide the same service is twofold…

Firstly, we’re able to customize anything we want and tailor-make it for what we want and the way we do it especially helpful owning multiple brands because those needs and those requirements are sometimes different.

The second thing it’s done is giving us a mindset of how we can use this data to our advantage.

Joey Anderson, Owner/Operator at WenGap, LLC: We export our data in maybe a different format than other companies, but they kind of altered how they do their things for our needs which has been very beneficial.

Steve Thompson, Owner/Operator at Primary Aim, LLC: We’ve appreciated working with OneDataSource as not only a partner on the business intelligence side, they’ve also introduced us to other leaders within the QSR space to help us efficiently and effectively scale our business.

David Tucker, Outsourced Accounting Partner at TJT: Having OneDataSource as a partner has allowed us to look at our staffing needs and reduce some of the staff because now some of the stuff that we’re doing manually is now being done automatically through the OneDataSource products. So, it’s allowed us to really make our business more scalable in that respect.

James Bodenstedt: I think the thing I most appreciate is the fact that they listen to us and improve the product over time.

Since we’ve been involved with them for 15 years, they’ve made constant improvements year-over-year, month-over-month – whatever we need to do we come up with an idea of “hey, we’d like to see this. Can you do this?”

The answer is let’s figure out how to do it for you. Not we don’t do it. I very rarely ever hear that something can’t be done, but I mostly hear “yeah, we’ll do that. We’ll get right back to you on how we can do that.”

Joey Anderson: We believe that technology and growth go hand in hand, and OneDataSource seems to be a very viable option. We are all on board for using technology to get the information that we need quicker.

The value that we have found with OneDataSource is the product is great – what is even better is OneDataSource is immediate and very receptive to feedback for how to grow. They’re even asking us what they can do whether if it’s on the automation or reporting aspects to help them because we’re both in line with scaling and growing.

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