How to Improve the Accounts Payable Workflow with Automation

WenGap’s Joey Anderson shares the advantages they’ve experienced by improving their AP workflow with onePAY – our intelligent AP automation software.

“We believe that technology and growth go hand in hand, and OneDataSource seems to be a very viable option.”

Joey Anderson, Owner/Operator

WenGap, LLC

Success Story

Learn how JEM has taken advantage of onePAY to automate their payables.

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How to Improve the Accounts Payable Workflow Video Transcript

Joey Anderson, Owner/Operator at WenGap, LLC: WenGap has 22 restaurants, currently.

We believe that technology and growth go hand in hand, and OneDataSource seems to be a very viable option. First of all, we are so pleased with onePAY to keep our office nice and lean, and if we were to scale it would be minimal office staff while still operating under the same terms. We’re really excited because with OneDataSource, some of the internal reporting the reconciliations can be done faster and automated. We are all on board for using technology to get the information that we need quicker.

I remember doing a bunch of testing with onePAY first with kind of doing some of the low-hanging fruit as far as invoices that we received often, and we know we can just get into the system immediately in onePAY – recognize those and then from there we kind of just kept growing which vendors to pick from to be able to implement into the full system. Then, over the course of a couple of weeks it’s slowly rolled into all of our payables and all vendors.

We export our data in maybe a different format than other companies, but they kind of altered how they do their things for our needs which has been very beneficial.

One of the largest benefits WenGap gets from onePAY is the automated bill pay. Now, we can process payments immediately and almost remotely and automatically put them into our system, where before we would have to do them by hand and manually key them in.

onePAY is a good fit for WenGap because we started very lean with our admin and office staff. We started with 20 stores, and we only had two in our office doing everything – payroll, HR, accounts receivables, and payables. So, we were excited with onePAY because all of the payables, and some of the other features, could be automated. Then, we were looking to grow so having that integrated from the get-go was a huge advantage for us being able to move forward and grow. Now we’re at 22 restaurants and the weight of the admin has seen very little burden with the help of onePAY.

The value that we have found with OneDataSource is the product is great, but what is even better is OneDataSource is immediate and very receptive to feedback for how to grow. They’re even asking us what can they do whether if it’s on the automation or reporting aspects to help them because we’re both in line with scaling and growing.

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