Business Process Automation for QSR: Customer Review

Learn about the benefits of integrating your point-of-sale, back-of-house and third-party data into a single application.

“oneVIEW gave us the ability to see information in real-time and make decisions much quicker and more efficiently than we did in the past.”

Steve Thompson, Owner/Operator

Primary Aim, LLC

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Business Process Automation for QSR: Customer Review Video Transcript

Steve Thompson, Owner/Operator at Primary Aim, LLC: oneVIEW became a great tool for our company. We grew from 30 restaurants to 72 within a 12-month span, so we were looking for solutions. We had a lot of data coming at us from point-of-sale, back-of-house and other third-party software that we had and oneVIEW was able to collect that data in one spot. It gave us the ability to see information in real-time and make decisions much quicker and efficient than we did in the past.

James Bodenstedt, President & CEO at MUY! Companies: One of the things I really like about oneVIEW is that when I had looked at other business intelligence platforms or other data providers, none of them were able to aggregate all the different brands together. OneDataSource allows me to look at my level all of my businesses in one piece of paper instead of having to go to different places to see my different brands. They can aggregate it, and that’s pretty unusual in this business to be able to aggregate all that business data from different brands different databases into one picture that I can look at as the owner on how the business is doing.

John Haynie, CFO at MUY! Companies: oneVIEW is a good fit for our organization because of the efficiencies it creates. It’s allowed us to get data electronically whereas we used to do it through spreadsheets. It’s allowed us to actually reduce our staff by creating those efficiencies.

It has allowed us to cut our G&A. It has allowed us to be able to analyze the data better because we’re getting it in a more timely fashion within oneVIEW.

James Bodenstedt: There are triggers that are done. So, there are parameters that we’ve set with either transactions, or deletions, or over rings and things like that that are done on a loss prevention basis that are triggers that give us an alert to tell us hey this is something you ought to pay attention to.

So instead of our district managers having to pour through different documents or even just a report, there are these alerts that tell us that there’s a problem that we need to identify, and then we set the parameters we choose. What that alert is going to be triggered by – but that’s really helpful in oneVIEW.

The things we can do now with OneDataSource that we probably couldn’t have done 15 years ago or maybe even with other companies that provide the same service is twofold.

Firstly, we’re able to customize anything we want and tailor-make it for what we want, the way we do it – especially helpful for owning multiple brands because those needs and those requirements are sometimes different.

The second thing it’s done is giving us a mindset of how we can use this data to our advantage.

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