Outsourced Accounting: Review of Business Process Automation

David Tucker discusses the value of his outsourced accounting firm and clients get from using OneDataSource’s business process automation products.

“It’s allowed us to really make our business more scalable.

David Tucker, Outsourced Accounting Partner


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Outsourced Accounting: Review of Business Process Automation Video Transcript

David Tucker, Outsourced Accounting Partner at TJT: So, we’re CPA firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, and in Durham.

We started the firm in 1990, and in 1996 we started an outsourced accounting division doing accounting for a restaurant group. We realized it’s a pretty good business niche for us, so we took it from there and grew our outsourced accounting division to a staff of 85 now – doing restaurants and other industries but restaurants is probably our largest group throughout the country. We have clients all over the United States, so my role is – I’m the President and Founder of the outsourced accounting division.

Having onePAY has allowed us to have our employees focus on looking at the invoices analytically, not just processing, so we’ve added more value to our product because we’re actually now seeing the invoices from a different perspective  allowing us to be more helpful.

We’re sharing information with clients – their data, their activity with how they’re performing, so we’re really just part of the communicating of information to them.

Whether it’s accounting or whether it’s point-of-sale information or payroll information, we’re all information gathering and sharing with our clients. So, we’re sharing that information so they can make good decisions timely and accurately.

I would say the biggest value of the OneDataSource products for our clients is the daily reporting – giving them information that is linked to our software. They may, in the past, have gotten information from the point-of-sale but it may not be as accurate. Now, it’s very accurate, and now it ties into our general ledger so when we do month in reviews the information should be very similar. If not, we investigate and find out why.

Having OneDataSource as a partner has allowed us to look at our staffing needs and reduce some of the staff because now some of the stuff that we’re doing manually is now being done automatically through the OneDataSource products. So, it’s allowed us to really make our business more scalable in that respect.

You know having that resource to call and say, “Hey, we have an issue.” They jump on the call. We get with a client. We resolve issues quickly, so clients get their information timely. That’s been a huge benefit from our client-first service perspective.

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