How to Modernize B2B Payments: Transfer, Digitize, Monetize

The friction of a paper, analog payment system is clear. It’s costly, manual, error-prone, and slow. That friction can be eliminated with B2B digital payment solutions.

Maximize the value of the last mile of your AP process.

Digital is the norm when it comes to payments in the business-to-consumer space. Yet, B2B payments have lagged. With change on the horizon, that won’t be the case much longer.

Businesses are looking for ways to maximize cash flow in a volatile economy. At the same time, suppliers have begun to experience the benefits of getting paid much faster with digital B2B payment options. The intersection of need and demand is driving companies to modernize B2B payments – and quickly.

In this guide, you’ll find details on:

  • Current challenges with the legacy payments model
  • The financial gain when companies “flip the payments pyramid”
  • A three-phased approach to modernizing payments
  • The expected impact of adopting integrated payables

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