Guide: Accounts Payable Health Check

Evaluate your AP operation and uncover opportunities to improve.
Accounts Payable Health Check

At this point, there are millions of business processes that technology has helped improve. Yet, not all technological changes are adopted at the same rate – even when the benefit seems obvious.

With COVID revealing a greater need to move core business functions to the cloud so that businesses can continue to operate under any conditions, many business leaders are re-evaluating where their back-office functions stand.

A digitized back office allows business leaders to hire the best talent, create operational efficiencies, and experience bottom-line improvement. Not only do you get greater control and visibility than ever before, but you can also scale easily as your business grows.

The AP Health Check allows you to take an honest look at your operation via 20 critical questions. This five-part evaluation guide explores the core components of your AP operation:

  • Level of Effort
  • Technology Flexibility
  • Invoice Intake and Processing
  • AP Workflow
  • KPIs

As you evaluate, you will be provided with key observations in these critical areas to ensure you can walk away with an educated perspective on how you can tangibly improve your AP function.

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Where does your AP stand?

In this 20-question evaluation guide, you’ll examine the maturity of your AP operation and explore ways to improve your back office – and business.

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