With oneVIEW, you can unlock the power of your data so you can operate efficiently and grow sales.

Get all your critical business data working for you.

There are more technology systems than ever, and information overload can be frustrating.

How do you get data out of all the disparate systems involved in running a complex, multi-location operation? How do you present it in a meaningful way across all departments and job functions?

Now there’s an easier way to organize and understand all of your data – automatically. oneVIEW combines point-sale, back-of-house and third-party data into a single application so you can easily monitor business performance, control costs and empower smarter operational decisions.

Unlock the power of your data.

oneVIEW is a simple, yet powerful tool, that allows you to effectively manage the health of your operations at every level.

Operating in a complex environment leaves little room for error. Your margins depend on it. With oneVIEW, get all your data where it needs to be: at your fingertips.

You get a comprehensive and customizable suite of reporting tools. Your reports are complemented by intuitive visual dashboards and delivered automatically via email to desktop or mobile devices. 

You see exactly what you need to so you and your team can respond to changes and challenges quickly and effectively.

Everything you need to keep your stores running smoothly.

Automatic Report Distribution

Get your data with no effort

Role-based Dashboards

Managers see exactly what they need to

Accounting & Payroll Integration

Data flows via seamless integrations

Performance Reporting

See top performers and areas to improve


POS & BOH Polling

Stay on top of your entire operation

Data Parsing & Aggregation

Data gets where it needs to go

oneVIEW improves your company’s ability to scale and be nimble.
Discover what oneVIEW can do for you.
For Operations Leaders

Operations needs daily, weekly and period performance metrics and exception reports to effectively lead the in-store teams.

For Accounting and Finance Leaders

Accounting and finance need daily sales, labor and food cost data to inform leadership and influence above-store decision-making.

For Human Resources

Human resources require visibility for compliance, stability to support a wide range of team members and consistency to make sure everyone is paid accurately – on time, every time.

For Asset Prevention And Loss Prevention

Asset protection and loss prevention teams need tools to identify discrepancies and trends in order to take immediate action to protect cash and inventory.

We bring all your data together so your stores can become more profitable.

We integrate oneVIEW with all major accounting and payroll solutions. It’s time to eliminate manual data entry from any job at the home office. Focus your talent on value-based objectives.

What our customers are saying.

“OneDataSource allows me to look at my level, all my businesses in one piece of paper. Instead of having to go to different places to see my different brands [and stores], they can aggregate it. And that’s pretty unusual in this business.”

James Bodenstedt, President & CEO

MUY! Companies

We proudly support the top owners and operators – 14,000 stores across 50 brands.