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onePAY Release Notes for February 2024

PDF Viewer Fixes & Upgrades

  • Fixed the issue where PDF viewer is not showing the bottom of the invoice.
  • Added a 3rd state of PDF viewer to only show the text layer.
  • Moved ‘Download original pdf’ to the current state of the viewer.
  • Updated PDF viewer to the latest version.

onePAY Release Notes for January 2024

  • Final invoice archival process now pushes files on approval and deletion.
  • Showing invoice signoff flow for single-approver assignment.
  • ERP Integration: Added button to re-send invoice data at the invoice level.
  • User can now manually download the full original PDF for Approved invoices.
  • Due Date can be used in Invoice Number Generator expression.
  • Added ‘Not in’ operator to dynamic approver rules.
  • Tooltip for ‘Sign Off’ date is now in user time zone.
  • PDF page ranges for start page/end page are now also available in the View Invoice page.
  • Report counts match the number of reports available to the individual user.
  • Solved error advancing to different header via lateral navigation while in Edit mode.

onePAY Release Notes for October 2023


Agent & Approver Reassignment Changes and Improvements

NEW: Agent and Approver re-assignment is now separated in the Invoice Queue ‘Actions’ drop-down menu.

Please Note: The function of single assigning invoices is now performed by checking the invoice selector box and going to:

‘Actions’ -> ‘Assign Agent’ or ‘Assign Approver’

Assignment from ‘Quick Action’ section is no longer supported.

Invoice Processing - Agent & Approver Re-Assignments
Invoice Processing - Rerun Invoice Assignments

NEW: Added a feature to re-run Agent and Approver assignment rules on an invoice in both bulk assignment and invoice view assignment. The selection is listed as Auto Assignment (ReRun Business Rules).

This can be found in the invoice queue view by selecting one or more invoices in the Invoice Queue.

‘Actions’ -> ‘Assign Agent’ (or Approver) -> Click the dropdown

Invoice Processing - Rerun Assignments in Invoice Queue
Invoice Processing - Rerun Assignments on Individual Invoice

This can be found in the individual invoice view.

‘Invoice Assignment & Metadata’ area -> Click on arrows icon adjacent to either Agent or Approver -> Click the dropdown

Additional Changes & Improvements

  • Improved ‘Out of Office’ functionality.
  • For quicker rendering, all drop-down selectors will use type-ahead instead of showing a complete list of items.
  • Unlocking invoice requires manual lock.
  • Added Description for the Attachments grid.
  • Enhanced Invoice Number generation by adding additional suffixes.
  • Vendor List now shows Created Date column.

onePAY Release Notes for May 2023

  • Re-established the ‘unassign’ approver action for invoices whose statuses are ‘To Do’.
  • The application added requirements for password changes and creation.
  • Now tracking the ‘email receiver address’.
  • Added a UI button to open PDF in a new tab.
  • Company assignments can now be made by using the email address of the sender or receiver.
  • Removed the limitation of “Invoice Number” not being populated when the vendor is unknown.
  • Adjustments to Record Switcher, Change Status Mechanics, and UI Splitter.
  • Now allowing clients to not capture certain data points.
  • Right mouse click launch to new tab now working for nested items.
  • Now allowing splits to be conducted within multi-detail invoices.
  • Auto-approved invoices are now being sorted immediately in the file repository.

onePAY Release Notes for February 2023


Invoice Attachment Feature

  • Users now can attach additional documents to an invoice record. In the video, we walk you through the Invoice Attachment feature. Press play to see how it works!

In the video, we walk you through the Invoice Attachment feature. Press play to see how it works!

onePAY February 2023

Additional Features Released

  • Added functionality to allow specific users to approve invoices in bulk. Reach out to your Client Success representative for more details.
  • Now using OAUTH2 for polling Microsoft365 email accounts.
  • Added optional condition to require a vendor to company mapping before allowing a status change. Reach out to your Client Success representative for more details.
  • Adjusted the maximum number of pages per file to 3,500 pages to help eliminate mistakenly uploaded Excel files.
  • Enhanced Invoice Number Generation capabilities
  • Defaulting all unfound vendors to ‘Unknown Vendor’ label.

Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

  • ‘RESET’ label status is now dropping in lateral navigation.
  • Improved sorting by Created Date instead of Approved Date
  • Improved Change Password implementation
  • Improved ‘Invoice Status History’ section
  • Added enhancement to establish Unit Number from capture data
  • Hold Approved Date column header in main queue, if selected
  • Library updates

onePAY Release Notes for October 2022

  • Added footer link to an external page containing Release Notes
  • onePAY small logo and UI buttons were updated to represent the latest version
  • Company is now a Multi-Select option when mapping Vendor Numbers to a Company
  • Now allowing “Display All” option in Additional Notes panel
  • Created a “Status Changes” section in “Change History” panel of “Invoice View”
Invoice Change Status Shown
  • Improved Advanced Search
    • To optimize searching for invoices by Customer Number
    • To pull accurate results for vendor names with special characters
  • AcroForms (including XFA) are now accepted and processed in onePAY
  • Showing GL code and name in edit and view pages when setting up a Default GL Code for vendor
  • Added a “Reset Status Widget”

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