Reduce time spent on payables while gaining greater financial control and earning money back when making payments.

Use the last mile of the AP process to strengthen your back office – and business.

For many, today’s approach to payables continues to be antiquated and cumbersome. Because of this, according to Bank of America, the cost per check can range from $4.00 to $10.00.

Enter a highly efficient and financially advantageous payments platform, onePAY Payments.

Our payables solution, natively integrated with onePAY, combats an expensive, slow, and risky back-office process by allowing you to use a single payment file from your accounting system to manage payments securely.

With Payments, you can utilize our spend analysis to take full advantage of early payment discounts while identifying suppliers that accept virtual card (vCard) payment methods.

Whether you prefer check, ACH, or vCard, you have full control and will receive bottom-line benefits no matter the payment type.

Payments can be used as a standalone solution.

There are no setup or recurring monthly fees.

Modernize your payments process.

Implement in 2 Weeks

Our standalone payment solution carries no setup or monthly service fee.

Eliminate Check-Related Labor

Automate check fulfillment so you can stop printing checks and stuffing envelopes.

Manage Payments in 10 Minutes

All suppliers can be paid using an accounting system export file.


Capture Vendor Discounts

Our ACH options allow you to leverage early-payment discounts from your vendors.

Reduce Fraud Risk

Payments offers multiple, secure payment methods – reducing the risk of fraud.

Pay with vCards to Earn Rebates

We identify vendors who accept vCards, and we rebate you on vCard transactions.

Discover what onePAY Payments can do for you.

Improve Operational Processes

What once took hours and hours of administrative labor can take now take 10 minutes.

Export a file from your accounting system to the Payments portal, and you’re now in full control to manage payments digitally – eliminating the labor-intensive data entry and fulfillment steps.

Gain Greater Financial Control & Flexibility

Payments provides the tools you need to effectively manage cash flow while giving you the opportunity to take advantage of vendor payment options that can improve your bottom line.

Offset Expenses Via Earned Rebates

Take a traditional cost center and turn the function into a strategic back-office resource.

Starting with a thorough spend analysis, we identify your existing vendors that accept virtual card payments. Through earned rebates when using vCards to pay those suppliers, you can improve your financial outlook and offset expenses.

What our customers are saying.

“The partnership with OneDataSource has helped WenGap because they are constantly seeking feedback, accepting it, and growing their business with our needs. Technology and growth go hand-in-hand, and OneDataSource is a very viable option.”

Joey Anderson, COO


We proudly automate accounts payable for the top brands across the country.