Is It Really AP Automation?

The OneDataSource Team

In our discussions with financial executives at franchise companies, they describe automation solutions they have invested in that are different from onePAY. They describe a 24-plus hour turnaround time during the week. Even more curious, a 72-plus hour turnaround time over weekends and overseas bank holidays. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the technology behind these automation solutions is no technology at all. It’s just an internet connection to an offshore cubicle farm in countries with low-wage labor. What is wrong with this picture? It’s ‘good enough’, right? No, not really. There are three problems here:

You have costly errors.

This offshore labor is the same as North American labor in this regard: it’s still going to statistically key one error for every 67 keystrokes. These errors are going to cost you 20-100x to fix in time and money instead of doing something error free the first time.

You lack business intelligence.

Offshoring work isn’t going to give you any actionable business intelligence. The onePAY reporting tools let our customers see benefits across several areas of operations once they gain critical visibility into their accounts payable (AP) department.

Your efficiency hasn’t improved.

Turnaround time is still an inefficiency. Our customers see their invoices moving at the speed of light within onePAY because invoices are processed with a powerful business-rules engine or routed with a simple mouse click.

Want to turn your AP function into a strategic and scalable resource?

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OneDataSource is there with you every step of the way.

Our US-based support team is there to onboard our customers’ AP departments. We transform the AP workflow and ensure that the adoption of onePAY is a success. Our team stays engaged with new clients to make sure they continue to get the most out of our advanced automation technology. Our team provides human, professional guidance whenever it is needed.

onePAY is a true automation solution.

onePAY users have AP processes that move in seconds and minutes, rather than days or weeks. Here’s how:

  • Invoice data is presented electronically.
  • Invoice data is extracted seamlessly.
  • Invoice data is processed with a mouse click or routed to the correct approver.

Get the actionable intelligence you need to improve your bottom line.

You can modernize your AP function and grow your bottom line.

onePAY prevents duplicate payments, streamlines operations and lets your office go paperless. Data is entered manually only by exception. This eliminates errors and cuts down processing costs by over 80 percent. Additionally, onePAY helps elevate AP staff from a cost-center into value-added business analysts. Finance executives who use onePAY’s powerful reporting capabilities live in a data-driven world, where our business intelligence provides the visibility into their business that they need. This actionable intelligence improves their bottom line. 

Learn how OneDataSource’s powerful accounts payable software can reduce administrative complexity, increase operational efficiency and improve your bottom line. Start now by contacting sales@onedatasource.com. 

“onePAY has been transformational for our AP department. We’ve dramatically reduced resources dedicated to processing and shifted our focus to auditing and vendor management initiatives. We are realizing gains in several areas.” – James Bodenstedt – CEO, MUY Companies

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