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We provide growing companies with automated technology solutions and expert-led consultative services that improve a company’s operational efficiency, decision-making and bottom line.
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Our dynamic business process automation solutions, onePAY for intelligent accounts payable automation and oneVIEW for above-store business intelligence, were built from years of business operations experience.

We fill the demand for more efficient and value-added operations. Our solutions and services are continuously improved with the input of our customers and with industry changes in mind.

The Solutions You Need

Our intelligent automation solutions were designed from decades of business operations experience and listening to the needs of our customers.

We not only understand your pain points, we relate.

We roll up our sleeves every day to ensure our solutions make your company better and life easier.

The Flexibility You Deserve

Every business evolves. The challenges of today aren’t the challenges of tomorrow.

That’s why we built our solutions with flexibility in mind. Configure our solutions the way you need them.

As your needs change and business grows, you’ll realize the full potential of intelligent automation. Our solutions allow you to run lean and scale.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our US-based support team sets you up for success out of the gate.

Once you’re up and running, we deliver unparalleled data and insights. Our team shares all the best practices developed and refined by the most successful companies in the industry.

We’re always there with knowledge and expertise that will empower you and your team to improve business processes and confidently make important decisions.

Explore Our Solutions

Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation

onePAY, our Accounts Payable (AP) software, automates and digitizes AP invoice processing for enterprises looking to realize all the benefits of modernizing their AP function.

Above-Store Business Intelligence for Restaurants

oneVIEW, our Business Intelligence (BI) software, transforms complex point-of-sale, back-of-house and third-party data into actionable insights and customizable reports.

What our customers are saying.

“The thing I most appreciate is the fact that they listen to us and improve their products over time. Since we’ve been involved with them for 15 years, they’ve made constant improvements year-over-year, month-over-month. Whatever we need to do.”

James Bodenstedt, President & CEO

MUY! Companies

We proudly support 6,000-plus stores across 30 brands.

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