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Built using state-of-the-art technology, is a leading SaaS Business Intelligence and Data Integration platform that proudly boasts to be the number one independent choice for Pizza Hut franchisees in the US.


DashboardsHelp leadership visualize data and quickly transform the visualization into the appropriate actions. Dashboards draw attention to areas of operations that deserve focus.
Whether it is to recognize and reward excellent outcomes or to highlight areas of poor performance, dashboards are an effective and efficient way for team members to focus their attention in the right place.


Highly Customizable

Highly intuitive, user friendly interface allows users to easily manipulate data and present it in many forms. Conditionally format and highlight metrics such as sales, labor, inventory, expenses, employee activity, cash controls, and growth.



OneDataSource polls data from all business systems to create consolidated, accurate reports for real-time views of mission critical data.


Predictive Analytics

OneDataSource’s recommendation engine analyzes volumes of data and delivers plain-English recommendations to improve businesses. ODS shows clients what each decision is worth – in dollars and cents – so clients can see the benefit of each recommendation.




Process Automation – Eliminate manual data entry from your business. Save your talent’s time, money, and intellect and free them up to drive company success.  

Accounting Automation – OneDataSource provides tools for accountants to manage the books and make clean automated imports in their ERP or accounting software.  

Bank Deposit Verification – We integrate with our clients’ banks to provide reports on deposit verification and variance between POS, Management, and Bank reports.  

Payroll Integration – Import new hire and time clock files based on payroll software requirements.